Client Portal for Streamlined User Experience

We're thrilled to introduce this user-friendly platform designed to streamline your child's swimming lesson experience.

With our parent portal, managing your child's swimming lessons has never been more convenient. Here's how it can benefit you:

  1. Attendance Tracking: Easily mark absences and view your child's attendance records, helping you stay updated on their progress.

  2. Make-Up Classes: Schedule make-up classes effortlessly through the portal, ensuring your child doesn't miss out on valuable lessons.

  3. Class Booking: Reserve a spot in a new class or request a class change with just a few clicks, providing flexibility in your child's swim schedule.

Within the portal, you'll also find these valuable features:

  • Assessment History: Access your child's assessment history and skill evaluations, so you can monitor their development in the pool.

  • Family and Student Details: Update family and student information as needed to keep us informed about any changes.

  • News and Announcements: Stay informed about exciting news and announcements related to Yarra Swim School.

To access all these features conveniently in one place, simply download the iClassPro App. Here's how to get it:

Getting the iClassPro App:

  1. For Android Devices: Visit Google Play, search for "The iClassPro App," and download and install it.

  2. For iOS Devices: Go to the App Store, search for "The iClassPro App," and complete the download and installation process.

Or login via your computer app.iclasspro.com/portal/yarraplentywaves

The iClassPro App aims to enhance your child's swimming journey, making it easier for you to stay engaged and informed. Dive into a world of improved swimming lessons with us!