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Privacy Statement

The personal information contained in this document is collected to provide contact information for organisations or individuals, wishing to enrol into learn to swim lessons. Information such as medical details are required to assist in accommodating the individuals needs and abilities. This information may be disclosed to other areas of Yarra Swim School or third parties should contact the necessary regarding an issue with the booking, and in accordance with the Information Privacy Act.

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TELEPHONE: (03) 9434 4516

Due to the popularity of our school we provide a waitlist service for customers who wish to pre-enrol prior to the booking periods. For further information on this service please contact our reception. Often we receive enrolments where children have had previous lessons and in some cases they may require an assessment prior to placement. If an assessment is required to determine their ability the aquatic department will contact you by phone to arrange a suitable time.



Swimming fees are charged by term and due for payment at the time of booking (except waitlist) and prior to the commencement of the term. Yarra Swim School believes in providing families with options in regards to the way fees are paid and can offer the following options. If you are still unsure as to what suits you best please talk to our customer service officer that may be able to assist you.

  • Telephone using your Credit Card
  • In Person using Cash, Cheque or Credit Card


It is important to make lessons affordable to larger families and offer the following family discounts

  • 1st and 2nd Swimmer - Full Price
  • 3rd Swimmer - 10% Discount

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment

1. New Enrolments for term swimming

Submission of an enrolment form and participation in our program indicates you acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions. Places are only secured once full payment has been received. We do not hold places or accept part payments. If an assessment is required to determine Child's ability the aquatic department will contact the applicant by phone or email to arrange a time to conduct an assessment, or the student will be placed in a preliminary class for an assessment to be performed in.

2. Re-enrolling for the next term

Existing Yarra Swim School (YSS) students are automatically re-enrolled for the following term during the year:

  • If your current term fees aren't up to date by completion of term, your position will be deemed vacant and offered to other applicants who are interested in securing the position. If you do not wish to re-enrol, we kindly ask that you notify the office ASAP.
  • At the end of each year a new enrolment form must be filled out to continue swimming, these will be distributed to you and will also be available at reception or on the website.
  • During the rollover process your class may change without notice if it is at the same time as your previous class.

3. Non Transferable

Memberships and lessons are non-transferable to other people and cannot be converted to other products or services.

4. Request for lesson changes

Following re-enrolment all efforts will be made to process and accommodate change requests, but this is dependent on the availability of vacancies and no guarantee can be given to accommodate requests.

5. Fees & Payment method

Term fees are payable in full before the commencement of term if a child is re-enrolled into the program. In the event a booking is confirmed post term start, fees are payable upon initial enrolment before the first class is attended. Payment may be made by the following methods:

  • Telephone using your Credit Card
  • In Person using Cash, Cheque or Credit Card
  • By bank transfer to the details listed on the website or the bottom of an invoice.

6. Discounts

A 10% discount is applied on the term fee of the third child for all swimming families.

7. Cancellations

This contract of membership can be voided if written notification is provided no later than seven working days prior to the commencement of the YSS term and will be effective from notification. Cancellation received after seven working days but prior to the commencement of the YSS swimming term will receive a refund less a $20 administration fee. All terms and conditions of membership are binding once the YSS term commences.

8. Refunds (medical certificate only)

Refunds are available for medical reasons. These require a medical certificate (this certificate must state the dates of unattended lessons). Refunds will not be issued to any person other than the enrolled student stated on the medical certificate. We do issue credits or transfers to another term. An administration fee of $20 will be deducted for all refunds. Credits or transfers to another term will not be charged a $20 administration fee.

In the event we cancel a lesson the cancelled lesson will be credited to the family account.

9. Missed Lessons

Compensation for missed lessons or make-up lessons is not applicable as a child's spot in a class is reserved solely for them during the term regardless of attendance. Students who are unable to attend lessons due to illness can organise up to two (2) make up classes for all other levels per term. Nursery classes are entitled to 2 make ups for both parent and child. Make-up lessons can only be provided if spaces become available within the same term and they will expire and become a forfeit at the end of each term. We endeavour to cater to the needs of make ups, but as there can be no guarantee of spots becoming available for everyone, we strongly advise all students to attend all their allocated classes as losses will be borne solely by the absentee. (A medical certificate is required before a credit can be given.) In addition, the following conditions apply:

The YSS office must be notified of non-attendance by either of the following methods:

  • Call on 9434 4516. If necessary, please leave messages on the answering machine.
  • Email enquiry@yarraswimschool.com.au informing of the absence.

Makeups cannot be made prior to the missed lesson

10. Public Holidays/School Holidays

Classes do not operate on public holidays or term school holidays and do not form part of your account. If in doubt about a class running, ask reception via email: enquiry@yarraswimschool.com.au.

11. Swimming Attire

All students who are not fully toilet trained must wear correct aqua nappies whilst in the pool during and after lessons. Goggles are recommended but not essential.

12. Teachers & Time Changes

The swim school reserves the right to cancel or change classes and instructors or move students if the need arises. Although we strive to maintain a consistency with instructors this is not always possible. In the event of a class being cancelled by us there will be no charge and a credit will be given to the family account if the class is already paid for.

13. Checking In

All students must check in at reception prior to each lesson.

14. Parental Supervision

It is the condition of entry that all children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian whilst at the centre. Children will not be accepted into lessons if a parent or guardian is absent. Children must be collected by the parent or guardian over the age of sixteen (16) at the conclusion of every lesson.
All school age children are required to use the appropriate change rooms. Parents needing to provide supervised care may use the disabled change facilities.

15. Photographic & Video Images

At YSS, we welcome you capturing the special moments of your child on camera or video, however the privacy of others must also be respected. Capturing still or video footage is conditional upon the following:

  • If you capture an image or private conversation of another child or individual, you must have all relevant individuals (or their parents) consent to use, publish, or broadcast images or video footage.
  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are cameras or mobile phones to be used in change room areas or showers.
  • You agree to comply with any request by YSS staff to discontinue use of your camera, mobile phone or video, and to delete requested images or footage, where YSS staff reasonably consider that someone‚Äôs privacy may be breached.

YSS may take photos and videos to use for social media and other marketing purposes. YSS may also use photos or videos posted onto social media at their discretion. If you do not want to have photos or videos taken of you or your child, please inform us.